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Adele Tribute Acts: Stacey Lee Cuddy

Stacey Lee Cuddy is recognised as the UK’s No.1 Adele tribute act. She started singing from a very early age and has performed all over the world. She has an outstanding voice, very powerful and full of soul which is exactly what’s needed to pull this off. Singing is her life, she even has her own performing arts school where she teaches singing and dancing to children and adults alike. There is a strong resemblance to Adele which is a bonus and she sounds a lot like her too. Why not listen to the audio demo below and hear for yourself.

Song List:
Someone Like You
Make You Feel My Love
Rolling In The Deep
Cold Shoulder
Chasing Pavements
One And Only
Set Fire To The Rain
Rumour Has It
Rite As Rain
He Won’t Go
Promise This (live lounge)

“Running your first ball, in a Marquee with 300 friends, family and guests is a daunting prospect. People pay a lot of money for the tickets and rightly have high expectations these days. Choosing the right entertainment for a group of people that range so much in their ages and tastes was another big challenge. All along we were going to book a big band, big presence looks expensive and it’s what people expect, isn’t it? However finding a band to cover the range of music that we wanted, that could work in the space we had and that would fit the overall feel for the night was really difficult. We decided in the end to book Stacey, the Adele tribute act and two local DJ’s to support, who doesn’t like Adele? The pictures on the website looked great but to be honest we were really nervous. On the day of the event I met Stacey at the Marquee, a nicer person you could not wish to meet. I was still really nervous though and then it happened. Stacey (Adele) started to practice and my first reaction was Wow!, it is Adele, she sounded incredible. I immediately called my partner Hayley to say, don’t worry, this night will be great, Adele is Amazing. Stacey then told me that she was also feeling a little nervous which was nice because I knew then that performing well for us mattered. Neither of us had any need for nerves. I introduced Stacey as Adele, saying that Adele was at Silverstone and through a contact I had managed to book her for a set. Stacey started singing and immediately everybody jumped on the dance floor, the sound was incredible but to add to it Stacey really looked like she was Adele, she looked great. Every song was sung immaculately and still, even after the event, 50% of the people believe that it really was Adele, now that’s feedback. Everybody loved the performance and Stacey did come back later to do a second set as Stacey which kept everyone on the dance floor and again was fantastic, people thought we had booked Adele plus Stacey. So to Stacey, thank you so much for helping us make our night a special one and to anybody else that is thinking of booking Stacey, just do it, you will have a great time. Adele watch out!” – Darren & Hayley

Adele Tribute Acts: Stacey Lee Cuddy
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