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Ska Tribute Bands: Ska-Boom UK

Ska tribute band (Ska-Boom UK) are based in the North East of England, they quickly came together after the drummer (Matt) put an advert in the local music magazine. The intention from the very beginning was to bring Ska music back into the public consciousness. After several weeks of intensive rehearsals everything fell into place. The fact that everyone was already a huge fan of Ska and 2-Tone music made everything so much easier and quicker. This is authentic Ska with an infectious dance beat and a tight brass section.

The band consider it a privilege to perform songs by such iconic bands like The Specials, Bad Manners and Madness with such precision and meticulous attention to detail. It’s their aim at every gig to get the audience up on their feet. If you’re looking for an excellent Ska party band, then this is definitely one to consider.

Ska Tribute Bands: Ska-Boom UK
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