Madness Tribute Bands: One Step Behind

One Step Behind are an outstanding Madness tribute band. They performed at the Proms Party in Hyde Park (London) in front of 50,000 people and a television viewing audience of millions. The band perform all over Europe including the famous Marquee Club in London.

One Step Behind have been on television several times, the frontman performed on “Stars In Their Eyes” back in the 90’s and the whole band has appeared on SMTV with Ant & Dec performing their unique version of “Driving In My Car”.

When the band played at G-MEX in Manchester Suggs himself walked up to the microphone and said “By the way, we’re MADNESS not One Step Behind!”. The Melody Maker wrote a positive review about the band shortly after this performance.

It’s clear to see that each member of the band lives and breathes the music and mayhem of Madness and have spent many hours perfecting the look and mannerisms of their zany hero’s. The band are also well known for their on stage antics which never fail to get a positive reaction from the assembled crowd.

“Brilliant tribute band, this is their 4th appearance here and the place is packed again!” – Marquee Club (London)

“We are very pleased with tonight’s attendance (over 1800). One Step Behind have captured the Madness magic perfectly” – Clapham Grand

“After every song the audience stamped their feet and clapped so much the hall was shaking, this band were superb tonight and must be the TOP tribute band on the current circuit” – Wolverhampton Civic Hall

“The crowd danced and danced and danced to every song. One Step Behind delivered a brilliant set with all of the Madness hits. Wonderful!” – Cheltenham Town Hall

“This band are one of the best bands I have seen, the nightclub does twice as much business when this band appears here” – Zoots Nightclub

“One Step Behind are Madness – it’s as simple as that. The audience wouldn’t let them go, three encores says it all” – Manchester University

“We book this band regularly because the students love them. The venue is always packed. I have booked a lot of top British tributes, this is the best” – University of Central Lancaster

“I first booked One Step Behind at my old club back in 1993. When I moved to my new premises, this band was the first band I booked and they have brought in great business ever since. They are the only tribute band that appears on two consecutive nights four times a year” – JB’s

“We had to get the band to play at Kavos (Corfu) after their superb performance at the re-union show at Blackpool. Three shows – three sell-outs! These guys are totally Madness” – Corfu Club (18-30)

“We booked them last year, they stormed it, the crowd went mental, this band are so close to Madness it’s scary! – Empress Ballroom (Blackpool)

“Madness at it’s best!” – Bath University

“Brilliant show, brilliant band!” – York University

“Superb band, superb crowd, superb night!” – Loughborough University

Madness Tribute Bands: One Step Behind

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