Roxy Music Tribute Bands: Roxy Magic

Roxy Magic are without doubt the UK’s No.1 Roxy Music tribute band. All the hits are flawlessly performed in this authentic tribute show. The lead singer looks the double of Bryan Ferry and sounds very much like him too. He’s also got the same stage persona and quirky style. This is a totally live production, you won’t find any backing tracks anywhere.

Because of the huge catalogue of material available to them, Roxy Magic have been able to put together a diverse entertainment programme, there is something for everyone.

Songs Include: Avalon, Street Life, Love Is The Drug, Let’s Stick Together, Ladytron, Both Ends Burning, Dance Away, If There Is Something which was part of the soundtrack for the movie ‘Flashbacks of A Fool’ featuring Daniel Craig.

Roxy Magic have done hundreds of shows over the years for all kinds of clients and venues including theatres, universities, army bases, corporate events, summer balls, weddings, private parties, festivals, etc

Their tribute to the music of Roxy Music and Bryan Ferry is outstanding. The show comes complete with a top of the range sound system and stage lighting.

“It took a long time for there to be a Roxy tribute band, there is one now and it’s very good” – Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay (Ken Bruce Radio 2 Show)

“A great show last night at the Plinston. It could have been Roxy Music & Bryan Ferry himself that I was listening to, keep it going” – Len Crawley (The Barron Knights)

“I was very sceptical before seeing them but now having seen them live I would recommend any Roxy Music fan to see them, they’re that good and that’s something from a long-time Roxy fan!” – Barry Turner

“We urge you all to catch this show. Roxy Magic play all the band and solo hits plus album tracks in a show of over 2 hours – so truly fans of the music as well. Brilliant band and the singer is just incredible – a soundalike (getting the Ferry intonations and timbre of voice spot on) and he’s a lookalike too. The sound at Stables was awesome and did justice to replicate their music which must be so difficult. The sax player is superb and vital to this unique sound – used 5 saxes – but all are incredibly talented. We spoke to the band afterwards – nice guys (and gal). Hope to see you back here again” – Phil & Sheena Andrews

“What a great show on Friday at Wavendon! Thank you. Re-Make Re-Model was the highlight for me. I am a volunteer at the Stables and have been promoting the band since I saw you in Southampton Jan last year so I was really pleased to see you on the programme. My experience is that the audience response was excellent with great comments in the foyer after the gig. Please come back!! Still the best alternative to the “real thing”. All the best for your future gigs and see you at The Stables soon” – Melvyn Letts

“Roxy Music is one of my all time favourite bands. I have all their albums and still play them today. A friend ‘up country’ said Roxy Magic were worth checking out. I was a bit sceptical, especially when he said the lead man even looks and sounds like Bryan Ferry. Blimey, he was right on all counts! Make no mistake about it, ROXY MAGIC put on a splendid show at Mr Kyps last night” – Keith Norman

“I was there on Sunday, what a completely fabulous day! Really enjoyed all the bands on the main and Merseybeat stages, my highlight, the glorious Roxy Magic” – Mathew Street Music Festival Liverpool

“Fronted by a man in a white tux, black slicked fringe falling over his eyes, this band really were the business. As always with tribute bands, they focussed on the big hits but clearly this is what the crowd were here to see and almost to a man were singing along to each and every word”

Roxy Music Tribute Bands: Roxy Magic
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