Lady Gaga Tribute Acts: Haus of Gaga

Lady Gaga tribute act ‘Haus of Gaga’ is one of the UK’s top tributes to this pop rock icon.

The power behind Haus of Gaga is ‘Sharon Anne Chandler’, a singer and musician in her own right. She has toured worldwide in various bands and even had chart success with her own songs.

As soon as Lady Gaga hit the scene, many people compared Sharon to her, the vocal likeness is quite astonishing. With overwhelming support for her to launch her own tribute show Sharon immediately set to work and has studied her movements and mannerisms to the nth degree.

This is a full on, in your face production as you’d expect from a Lady Gaga performance. Sharon definitely doesn’t tame it down for anyone, this Gaga tribute artiste is over the top and theatrically sexy.

Haus of Gaga is a vivacious explosion of dance, costumes, theatrics and 100% live vocals all packed into a show that will excite you. You will hear all of Lady Gaga’s biggest hits, bespoke musical backing has been produced to an extremely high standard using session musicians to create an amazing live sound.

This package also comes with a state of the art sound system and spectacular lighting which can be adapted to suit most venues. Haus of Gaga offers something a little bit different to the norm, a lot like Lady Gaga herself.

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