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Adele Tribute Acts: Natalie Anne

Adele tribute acts seem to be popping up all over the place lately but only a few of them are any good. Natalie is recognized as one of the best. She looks a lot like Adele and her voice is so close to the original that it’s hard to tell the difference. Natalie started singing and performing when she was at school. She then went on to study music at her local college. Since then she has performed with many live bands over the years in venues across the UK. Natalie has studied Adele in meticulous detail, she wears the same kind of clothes as Adele and copies her mannerisms. She even seems to have the same stage presence as her which is quite uncanny.

This is an outstanding Adele tribute show and comes complete with a top of the range sound system, computer controlled lighting and stage backdrop. Piano accompaniment is also available upon request. Natalie is available for all kinds of work including: weddings, hotels, private parties, birthdays, festivals, theatres, restaurants, cruise ships, etc.

Adele Tribute Acts: Natalie Anne
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