Oasis Tribute Bands: Definitely Mightbe

Definitely Mightbe are one of the UK’s very best Oasis tribute bands. They don’t share the all too familiar trademark bust-ups or sibling rivalry as the originals but they do have a lot in common when it comes to reproducing those rousing anthems, stage persona and atmosphere that Oasis create at a live concert. Having more than two hours of material to choose from, including all the hit’s from their best selling albums, live favourites and a few of Noel’s acoustic numbers, when the band starts to play there’s no stopping them. And who wants to stop when everybody’s have such a great time?

The lead singer Ian bears an uncanny resemblance to Liam and has also worked as a lookalike in the UK appearing on Channel 4, Sky TV, Richard and Judy, HMV in London and has appeared in advertising campaigns for Q Magazine, Loaded and the National Press.

So…are they as good as the real thing? Well, we think they…DEFINITELY MIGHTBE!

Oasis Tribute Bands: Definitely Mightbe

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