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Jam Tribute Bands: The Underground Jam

The Underground Jam are one of the UK’s top Jam tribute bands. They capture the authentic raw energy and sound of the Jam’s early punk roots in addition to playing a full range of songs from their back catalogue.

The Undergraound Jam perform all of the Jam’s biggest hits as well as many album tracks and ‘B’ sides, thereby catering to die hard Jam fans and those in the audience who are only familiar with their hits.

Band Members:

Johnny Mack – Guitar and Vocals

Gear: Rickenbacker 330 Jetglo, Epiphone Maestro SG, Ovation/Applause Electro Acoustic, Marshall and Alden Amps, Vox Tonelab Guitar FX

Favourite Jam Album: All Mod Cons

Favourite Jam Song: Hard to pick one. Used to be “A Bomb” . . . But at the moment . . . “Scrape Away”

How and when did he get into the Jam?
John has been into the Jam since the mod revival days, he loved the mod image, clothes, music, scooters, etc and still does. Although he experimented with different types of music over the years, The Jam were untouchable and there hasn’t been a band since who’ve had such an impact on him.

Best Jam Memory:
John was too young to see the The Jam live on stage, he was only 12 years old when they split and a 25 mile trip to Glasgow Apollo on the final tour was a strictly no-go area according to his parents. He has met all three members on separate occasions but, Paul Weller buying him a pint and taking his name for the guest list for the gig that evening takes some beating.


Steph Brown – Drums

Gear: Mapex Drums, Zildjian Cymbals

Favourite Jam Album: All Mod Cons

Favourite Jam Song: Too Many To Mention

How and when did you get into the Jam?
Steph got into The Jam after his brother bought the News of The World single. The following week he bought the ‘In The City’ album, that was back in 1978. He’s still a huge Jam fan to this very day.

Best Jam Memory:
Saturday 8th December 1979, Setting Sons Tour at the Glasgow Apollo – The first time he ever saw The Jam live.

Their music, image and lyrics had a huge influence on him. In fact, they were the main reason he started playing the drums. Steph is from a generation that grew up with The Jam and they are still a massive part of his life.


Alasdair (Ally) MacLean – Keyboards

Gear: Roland VK7, Yamaha P80

How and when did you get into the Jam?
Alasdair was into 2 Tone around the revival time but was always aware of The Jam and liked them from the sidelines. He had only bought a few singles up to the time when he started seeing a Mod girl called Christine. She played their albums constantly and rather than put him off, it made him appreciate them even more. He started buying their back catalogue and continued to buy anything new that came out.

Best Jam Memory: Meeting Rick Buckler

The band he was in ‘THE GOLDENHOUR’ supported The Gift in Glasgow and Edinburgh, Rick was a true gentlemen.

Favourite Jam Album: All Mod Cons
For a keyboard player it might sound surprising since it doesnt have much in the way of keys on it but along with the sound affects it carried a lot of growing-up memories. Aside from those memories, musically, he still loved every second of it. It was the first Jam album he actually bought and he copied it onto cassette for portable listening and just about wore the tape out completely.

Favourite Jam Song: English Rose
Again, no keyboard and not even really in keeping with the rest of the album, let alone the rest of The Jam’s actual output up until then, but he still found the simplicity and atmosphere of the recording totally haunting, the hairs on the back of his neck still stand up when he listens to it through headphones.


Jim Morrison – Bass Guitar and Backing Vocals

Gear: Rickenbacker 4003 Bass, 1978 Marshall Superbass Head on a 4×12 Marshall Cab

Favourite Jam Album: All Mod Cons

Favourite Jam Song: Too Hard To Pick One

How and when did you get into the Jam?
Jim first heard about The Jam in 1979 through some of his mates at school. As soon as he heard their first album, he was totally hooked.

Best Jam Memory: Seeing The Jam for the first time at the Glasgow Apollo

Jam Tribute Bands: The Underground Jam
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80’s Tribute Bands: The 80’s Experience

The 80’s Experience are the ultimate 80’s tribute band having worked with some of the icons from that colourful era including Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) and Martin Fry (ABC).

Wacky hairstyles and outrageous fashion sense are all brought vividly back to life in this one of a kind tribute to this amazing decade in popular music history.

The band put a lot of effort into the show in an attempt to look and sound like their eighties heroes, you will see a staggering 15 costume changes throughout their full length performance.

Artistes include: Duran Duran, The Human League, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Madonna, Wham, Spandau Ballet, Adam Ant, Gary Numan, Kim Wilde and many more.

The show comes complete with a top of the range sound system and computer controlled lighting.

“A tribute band with a difference in that they paid homage to an entire decade, with great costume changes which culminated with an excellent impersonation of Adam Ant” – The Stage and Television Today.

“The ultimate tribute show, bringing you the best from this great musical era! This superb band includes some of the finest professional musicians in the country recreating some of the best No.1 hits of the 80’s with authentic costume changes, dynamic performances and high energy stage presence”

“My company hired the band to perform at our Christmas party in Grantham in December. I had to write to let you know what a fantastic night we had. The office were talking about the band for days. You were superb!”

80's Tribute Bands: The 80's Experience
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Blondie Tribute Bands: Blondied

Blondied faithfully recreate the unique sound of Debbie Harry and Blondie with stunning precision. You will feel as though you’ve actually been to see Blondie at a live concert and experienced the atmosphere and excitement that has endeared her to millions of fans around the globe.

This amazing tribute show covers all of Blondie’s biggest hits and more, from the bands early recordings right up to the raw Pop/Rock that has become Blondie’s trademark in the 21st Century. You’ll also hear some of Debbie Harry’s solo smash hits like ‘French Kissing In The USA’ and ‘I Want That Man’.

Credits Include:
Secrets of The 80’s – (Sky 1)
International Stars & Their Doubles
Stars & Their Doubles Awards (ITV Network)
Poppelgangers (Play UK)

Band Line-up:
Michelle Hendrik’s (Blondie) is one of the UK’s most popular Debbie Harry tribute acts, she looks like her and sounds like her too, watch the video and judge for yourself.

Rick Cook (drummer) has worked with some of Rock’s finest musicians including members of Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy.

Rhys Thomas (keyboards) provides the authentic keyboard sounds which are essential to the Blondie style.

Frank ‘n’ Stein (guitar) replicates the riffs of Chris Stein and Frank Infante, an accomplished guitarist, vocalist and songwriter in his own right with over 60 recordings to his credit.

Rob Fiddler (bass guitar) plays those melodic Blondie bass runs to perfection.

If you’re a Blondie fan, you will love this authentic high energy tribute show.

Blondie Tribute Bands: Blondied
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80’s Tribute Bands: Reflex

80’s tribute band (Reflex) perform a spectacular tribute to the decade when power-dressing and big hair were all the rage and when real men wouldn’t dare to be seen without their make-up. Re-live all your favourite eighties classics with one of the UK’s most popular 80’s tribute bands, performing up to two hours of the decades classic anthems from artistes such as Madonna, Duran Duran, Prince, The Eurythmics and Wham!

Reflex is fronted by two highly talented and energetic singers Kirstie Roberts and Carley Broom. They both have a wealth of experience in the music industry and are always in great demand. This dynamic duo set the stage alight with their stunning vocal performances and high energy dance routines. Together with a top quality professional live band, they flawlessy re-create the 80’s era in all it’s glory.

Having performed to a huge array of major clients in music halls and venues across the world, Reflex delivers a mix of music that is guaranteed to keep your dance floor full.

Reflex are available as a five piece live band and cater their show to all kinds of audiences, from large corporate events to intimate private parties and weddings.

The band are fully self contained with a 12K P.A. sound system and light show.

So grab your rah-rah skirt, put on your leg warmers, and ‘Party Like It’s 1999’ with the best 80’s tribute band in the land.

“Thank you so much for playing at our wedding reception on 13th December and thank you for playing Phil’s classic so perfectly. All our guests really enjoyed the 80’s flashback. Your performance exceeded expectations and we would gladly recommend you to anyone who likes the 80’s” – Tom & Vicky Marshall

80's Tribute Bands: Relax

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