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Thin Lizzy Tribute Bands: Dizzy Lizzy

Dizzy Lizzy are an outstanding Thin Lizzy tribute band. The lead singer looks the double of Phil Lynott and his vocals are so close it’s almost impossible to tell the difference. This awesome band formed in 1994 and faithfully recreate that unmistakable Thin Lizzy sound at every gig. They’ve performed at many high profile venues over the years, headlining “Vibe For Philo” in Dublin and have toured with Eric Bell who was the original guitarist in Thin Lizzy. Although the band are based in the Midlands area, they have toured extensively throughout the UK and played as far afield as Los Angeles and Dubai.

Re-live that magical time, singalong to the unforgettable rock anthems and rock ballads of the amazing Phil Lynott, songs like: The Boys Are Back In Town, Whiskey In The Jar, Black Rose, Rosalie, Sarah, Still In Love With You. Dizzy Lizzy are not just another Thin Lizzy tribute band, the outstanding bass playing wizardry and vocals from the frontman “H” are underpinned by duelling Les Paul guitars from Tony Glidewell and Lee Small.

“These guys are the closest tribute band I’ve come across playing my son’s music” – Philomena Lynott (mother or Phil Lynott)

“I could only watch three numbers, owing to the emotions, the resemblance to Phil and the mannerisms and playing, it was spooky, it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck” – Eric Bell (original Thin Lizzy guitarist)

“A very good Thin Lizzy tribute band” – Record Buyer Magazine UK

Thin Lizzy Tribute Bands: Dizzy Lizzy
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